With the added B-Harness there are four wires (Push Button In, Push Button Out, Park Signal, and IGN Signal.) With this harness installed it allows for a dash mounted push button to be used that is fully interlocked to prevent unwanted openings of the tailgate while driving. The interlocks are as follows and when installed are applicable to both the 3x unlock and push button openings:

  • If Ignition is ON and Park is ON, then allow to open.
  • If Ignition is ON and Park is OFF, then DO NOT OPEN.
  • If ignition is OFF, then allow to open.

 With the push button installed you are also able to activate valet mode. Press and hold 10 seconds to disable the module. Then press 10 seconds again to reenable.

TailGate Opener PushButton "B-Harness" Add-on

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