DomeRock V4 3rd Gen Tacoma Installation Instructions

Installation Information

Harness wires

Yellow Wire - Output to Rock Lights
Black Wire - Dome Light Ground Trigger (PWM)
Red Wire - Fused Battery Connection

T-Harness added for Plug N Play Installation. The only wire you will have to tap is your Rock Lights relay activation wire (86).

For both SwitchPros and CH4x4 setups it is strongly recommended that you run an external relay. Depending on the current draw of your rock lights if you hook DomeRock V4 output directly to rock lights without a relay it is possible that the DomeRock V4 module will become very hot when lights are on for extended periods of time. Please follow the diagrams below to avoid any issues.

Install Video - Hooking up DomeRock V4

DomeRock V4 Inputs/Outputs

Wiring Diagrams (Connection to Rock Lights)

CH4x4 Switch Setup

SwitchPro Setup