TailGate Opener Module Install Instructions

Install Video


A-Harness Integrated with KTJO's Full Kit


B-Harness Routing

Installation Instructions

Step 1: With T-Harness UNPLUGGED connect A-Harness to KTJO's T-Harness and Integrated Harness (for the actuator) following the diagram in post #2.



Step 2: Hook up TailGate Opener module while still UNPLUGGED from the truck. The white connector can only be connected fully one way. If you were to hook it up upside down while still plugged in it is possible to damage the board inside. (The cable will be shipped connected in the correct orientation for reference).


Step 3: As far as the Module is concerned you are done. The rest is KTJOs Kit for installation of the T-Harness, Integrated (Actuator) Harness, Bracket, and actuator. You can find her instructions 

Step 4: Check that your Radio Settings match the below picture. Else the module will likely work with 4x Unlock instead of 3x.

Step 5: TEST!

Installation of this complete kit is very straightforward however if any issues arise during installation of the TailGate Opener Module please refer to the Trouble-Shooting information below. If you try the steps below and still have issues please contact me at dsim.solutions@gmail.com OR shoot me a PM.

Enable/Disable Sequence

- Hold Push Button down for 10 Seconds. If enabled it will disabled, if disabled it will enable the module.



Step 1: Pop open the enclosure. Check and make sure there is a red led on indicating that the arduino board is on.

LED is ON.

GOOD. Continue To Step 2.


BAD. Continue To Step 2 to try a reset.

Step 2: Unplug A-Harness. Led should turn off.

LED should be off in ALL Scenarios.

Step 3: Plug it back in to reset the module. Led should be on.

Red LED is ON

GOOD. Continue To Step 4.


Power Issue. Check red and black wires on the A-Harness, and where the connections are to the T-Harness. Follow the Diagram in Post #2.

Step 4: Press unlock 4 times. There should be another led on the arduino that should blink with each unlock press (TX LED). After the TX blinks 3 times you should audibly hear the relay on the board "Click".

TX LED only Blinked 3 Times on 4 unlock presses.

Radio Settings. Check to make sure your radio setting match post #2. Else you will need to hit unlock 4 times to activate the tailgate opening event.

TX LED Blinked 4 Times on 4 unlock presses.

GOOD. Your Radio Settings are configured for 3x Tailgate Open

The TX LED did not blink at all

GOOD. Your Radio Settings are configured for 3x Tailgate Open

The TX LED blinked, but the Relay DID NOT CLICK

BAD. Restart at Step 1 and try again. If this does not work after another reset then its possible the arduino output pin was shorted during installation. You will need a replacement arduino (Contact dsim.solutions@gmail.com or PM me here on TW

The TX LED blinked, the Relay Clicked, but the actuator did not move.

At this point the module is doing what it should be doing. Check actuator wires to make sure they are properly connected. Power is being sent from the Module but its not making it to the actuator or the actuator is not grounded.

The TX LED blinked, the Relay Clicked, Actuator Moved, but TailGate did not drop

Adjustment instructions are under construction, pics and better verbage to come but heres the basics. Minor adjustments may need to be made to the latch on the bed side. The latch on the bed side is set up on a slotted hole, try loosening and adjusting the latch and retightening. You can also try removing the rubber stops. If you remove the rubber stops and that works then try shaving 1/8" off of the rubber stops.



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