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Module that turns your rock lights into courtesy lights activated by your Dome Light. Upgrade your existing rock lights to be able use your existing switch for anytime activation (great for night trail riding!) as well as activation from the dome lights for Courtesy Mode. With this add-on the rock-lights will illuminate as triggered by the dome light. Unlocking the vehicle, approaching the vehicle (with key-less entry), opening the doors, will all trigger the lights on. Locking the doors, leaving the vehicle for a period of time, etc will turn them off.

Your dome lights are on a negatively switched circuit. Meaning it is not so simple to wire up in order to utilize both your switch (for anytime activation) AND turn on/off with the dome light. Utilizing a relay in the correct configuration and a few other electrical components allows this module to function properly. If you currently have a rock lights setup with a typical CH4x4 switch or SwitchPro setup this is all you need to be able to add the ability to trigger off of the dome light.

V4 is built on a fully custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and there is a plug n play T-Harness option that connects into OEM wiring located in the A-Pillar. The only splice required is into the existing Rock Light Setup!

Installation Instructions can be found in the tab above. Please review before installation. 


*Disclaimer* DSIM Solutions is an aftermarket product manufacturer and WILL NOT make claims without extensive testing in a controlled testing environment. The installer as well as the purchaser of our products is advised to use our products at their own discretion and will analyze the risks involved for their own situation.

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DomeRock V4

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