Getting tired of having to manually drop your tailgate with the handle? Look no further this module plugs into OEM wiring and with 3 pushes of the unlock signal the tailgate will open like magic! With the optional push button "B-Harness" (coming soon), it will also allow you to open via a dash mounted push button! Because who needs handles anyway?

This module is a part of a plug n play kit offered by another member of TacomaWorld forum @KTJO4x4. You need this module and the kit offered in the link below. The kit below provides all the Plug N Play wiring for the actuator and a mounting bracket for the actuator that will live inside the tailgate. There is NO DRILLING REQUIRED. Please take a look at this kit before you order. You can view this kit HERE .

DSIM TailGate Opener Module = Brains of the mod

KTJO4x4 TacomaWorld Kit = Hardware and OEM Plug n Play wiring.


This module is built on a Custom PCB / Arduino Nano platform. The enclosure is 3D printed and there are two connectors/wire harnesses that serve two purposes.

A-Harness (3x Unlock Functionality)

Included with the module connects into your OEM wiring and provides Power, Ground, Unlock, and Actuator signals. It hooks directly into the OEM T-Harness (Sold Separately by KTJO4x4) for full plug n play installation.

B-Harness <Optional> (Push Button Functionality and Interlocks)

With the added B-Harness there are four wires (Push Button In, Push Button Out, Park Signal, and IGN Signal.) With this harness installed it allows for a dash mounted push button to be used that is fully interlocked to prevent unwanted openings of the tailgate while driving. The interlocks are as follows and when installed are applicable to both the 3x unlock and push button openings:

  • If Ignition is ON and Park is ON, then allow to open.
  • If Ignition is ON and Park is OFF, then DO NOT OPEN.
  • If ignition is OFF, then allow to open.


Back Story

I had two requirements. 1) Make it fully plug n play. 2) Create interlocks that will not allow accidental openings while driving. I partnered with @KTJO4x4 to make #1 happen. Her pop n lock oem T-Harness she was already making already had all of the inputs I needed to make this work and have the module mounted in the cab. She added the extra leads that I needed (12V+ Constant, Ground, Unlock Signal). She was also already providing the wires heading back to the tailgate to the actuator for her pop n lock mod. So simply adding 2 wires to that harness and the wires I needed were accounted for. Next there was the question of how to mount the actuator in the tailgate. The tailgate latch rod requires a bit extra force to pull, so the angle and method of mounting an actuator had to be spot on. @Tacodnr came up with a flawless NO DRILL bracket that sits the actuator perfectly for my module to control. This project started off with a simply TR7 and Relay setup with an actuator I had laying around that I clamped to the tailgate. I’ve been busy since the first prototype in an effort to start offering this mod to everyone interested.


You are probably wondering… V2? Already? What happened to V1? Well V1 was built on a custom pcb platform with 3 relays. 2 Signal Relays and 1 Power Relay. The signal relays were set up to handle the interlocks portion with some simple Relay Logic, while the TR7 module was handling the 3x unlock. This was a bit tricky to put into a small enclosure neatly with two boards. I had some time to kill while I awaited some supplies from overseas to start making these things. So I set out to take a crack at a V2 via Arduino. V2 is built on an Arduino Nano / Custom PCB Platform. Code handles the logic of 3x unlock and the interlocks. Effectively nixing the need for the TR7 and the two signal relays. This shrunk the size of the enclosure and allowed for more versatility on my end. For instance, I came to find out that if someone were to try a latched style push button on V1 and accidently left it on it would burn up the actuator within minutes. In V2 I accounted for this and only allow a 2 second pull of the actuator on a latched signal until the button is recycled again. Its been a long road to this point, but I/we are finally ready to get this product out there.





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Tail Gate Opener Module V2

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